If you have food allergies, please let us know upon reservation.



At Substans we focus on organic and biodynamic wines made by small wineries. Acdity and fruity wines. But still we're also very fond of the great classics.

Take a look at our wine card. And feel free to ask us if you have any questions. We guarentee that we'll find just the right wine for you.

We always have a specialized collection of natural wines from small high-end wine makers that we sell per glass. Among others we also have a large selection of high-end French wines.

Not up for a whole bottle of wine? We sell wine by the glass.



Give a friend or loved one a delicious dinner at Restaurant Substans.

We issue gift cards from Kr. 500,- and up.

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At Substans we practice the casual gourmet meal. Our focus is on taste, craftsmanship and organic produce from local farmers and manufacturers.

And we try to present the food quite neatly.

Basically we just want to share our own love of good food.

Likewise the wine at Substans is organic and casual, and often unfiltered. Why add a lot of chemicals to wine when it is better and more fun to drink without?

So drop by. We look forward to cooking for you.

Louise & René Mammen

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Restaurant Substans
Frederiksgade 74
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Open wednesday - saturday 18pm - 24pm

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